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Can not hit 4.5 Stable on fx 8350

Hey, everyone I don't know if I am just missing something but I have been having trouble overclocking my PC, I can get 4.3 easy but anything over that gives me a BSOD, I have tried uping my Voltage, upping my base clock, Uping my multiplier. I even tried using a couple overclocking guides. I don't know what I am missing. could I have just lost the silicon lottery or what, any help would be appreciated

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Re: Can not hit 4.5 Stable on fx 8350

4.5Ghz isn't that hard to hit with an FX 8350. It's entirely possible that you have lost the silicon lottery, but have you given thought to the possibility that your motherboard (or less likely power supply) is the issue?

If you want help you should post as many details as possible. Motherboard, RAM, PSU, voltage, multipliers, etc. etc.

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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Re: Can not hit 4.5 Stable on fx 8350

Chk your MB VRM overheat.

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Re: Can not hit 4.5 Stable on fx 8350

MSI 990FXA Gaming motherboard

Rosewill 1000W 80+ Platinum Certified

G.Skill Ripjaws X series 16 GB (4 x 4) DDR3 1600

Processor 1   ID = 0
    Number of cores   8 (max 8)

    Number of threads    8 (max 8)

    Name   AMD FX-8350
    Codename   Vishera
    Specification   AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor     
    Package    Socket AM3+ (942)
    CPUID   F.2.0
    Extended CPUID   15.2
    Core Stepping   OR-C0
    Technology   32 nm
    TDP Limit   125.2 Watts
    Core Speed   4299.8 MHz

    Multiplier x Bus Speed    21.5 x 200.0 MHz

    Rated Bus speed   2199.9 MHz
    Stock frequency   4100 MHz

Temperature 0  

29 degC (84 degF) (Package)

    Clock Speed 0   4299.77 MHz (Core #0)
    Clock Speed 1   4299.77 MHz (Core #1)
    Clock Speed 2   4299.77 MHz (Core #2)
    Clock Speed 3   4299.77 MHz (Core #3)
    Clock Speed 4   4299.77 MHz (Core #4)
    Clock Speed 5   4299.77 MHz (Core #5)
    Clock Speed 6   4299.77 MHz (Core #6)
    Clock Speed 7   4299.77 MHz (Core #7)



Northbridge            AMD RD9x0 rev. 02

Southbridge            AMD SB910/950 rev. 40

Graphic Interface        PCI-Express

PCI-E Link Width        x16

PCI-E Max Link Width        x16

Memory Type            DDR3

Memory Size            16 GBytes

Channels            Dual

Memory Frequency        800.0 MHz (1:4)

CAS# latency (CL)        9.0

RAS# to CAS# delay (tRCD)    9

RAS# Precharge (tRP)        9

Cycle Time (tRAS)        24

Bank Cycle Time (tRC)        33

Uncore Frequency        2199.9 MHz

Hardware Monitors


Hardware monitor        Fintek F71868AD

    Voltage 0        3.18 Volts [0xC7] (+3.3V) !

    Voltage 1        1.38 Volts [0xAD] (CPU VCORE)

    Voltage 2        2.99 Volts [0xBB] (VIN2)

    Voltage 3        1.38 Volts [0x75] (VIN3)

    Voltage 4        5.72 Volts [0x88] (+5V)

    Voltage 5        13.29 Volts [0x97] (+12V)

    Voltage 6        2.42 Volts [0x97] (VIN6)

    Voltage 7        3.14 Volts [0xC4] (VSB3V)

    Voltage 8        3.23 Volts [0xCA] (VBAT)

    Temperature 0        32 degC (89 degF) [0x20] (TMPIN0)

    Temperature 1        53 degC (127 degF) [0x35] (TMPIN1)

    Temperature 2        36 degC (96 degF) [0x24] (TMPIN2)

    Fan 2            447 RPM [0xD19] (FANIN2)

    Fan PWM 0        25 pc [0x3F] (CPU)

    Fan PWM 1        60 pc [0x99] (System Fan 1)

    Fan PWM 2        60 pc [0x99] (System Fan 2)

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Re: Can not hit 4.5 Stable on fx 8350

Hey tymkoijn1,

Thank you for providing us with the information above as requested by jamesc359. Yet, there is still much more needed for us to assist you in obtaining a proper and stable overclock of your FX8350. We need other informative data, such as the cooler/heat sink you're using for the CPU, total system/case fans including model, chassis/computer case, all other components being used including exact models, bios screen shots and/or every bios setting you currently have applied/available etc.

Although this might appear excessive, it's truly not. Considering that even with this data, we're still going into this blindly, because we have no idea what other system settings you might have applied. When attempting to obtain a proper and stable overclock, we need every detail possible, as without even the most minute detail something could go awry and we wouldn't want to provide you improper guidance.

So give us every detail, even something that you might deem unnecessary such as using molex adapters/splitters to supply power to an obscure component, we need that information as well. Anything that might give us insight as to the exact working conditions of your system, both in terms of components, as well as software such as your OS and its settings.

Once again, there simply cannot be enough information provided in situations such as these and even then, without myself or another experienced overclocker to assist on you on site if something goes wrong such as the Vcore voltage and cpu load line calibration being incorrectly adjusted even the slightest and thus the possibility of a boot loop or worse.

So, don't take any risks, take your time collecting every ounce of data possible. Do it over the course of the upcoming weekend/week and then when you're 100% sure you've collected everything imaginable, return and we'll more clearly be able to determine what the solution might be if one is available to obtain the frequency you're searching for at the moment. It's highly likely that we'll be able to get you an even higher frequency than you're searching for, while also being stable, but once again...information is required to even fathom that being a possibility.

Good luck on collecting your data and we'll see you in a few days. I'm more than willing to assist you personally and I'm surejamesc359 is as well, but I'm sure he'll agree that this is definitely the best course of action for the time being.

Have a nice day

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Re: Can not hit 4.5 Stable on fx 8350

For the FX 9370 and 9590 on stock I had to change one setting on the BIOS to avoid BSOD. This on different Motherboards: Asus Crosshair V Formula Z and Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD7 Rev 3.0. Vcore LoadLine Calibration set to HIGH. On your motherboard may have a sightly different name.

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Re: Can not hit 4.5 Stable on fx 8350

I am running an overclocked 8370 and for 4,5 Ghz I needed 1.415 volts to make it stable and it looks like you only are running it with 1.38volts which probably isnt enough for the speed you would like to hit. You may also need to play with LLC calibration settings to tune the voltages so it actually hits what you set it to do.


Re: Can not hit 4.5 Stable on fx 8350

Also he needs to make sure cool & quiet is turned off in the MB bios, or else it will keep down clocking automatically.


Re: Can not hit 4.5 Stable on fx 8350

ok so i found out that it was the CPU i changed everything and then finally changed the cpu and it worked


Re: Can not hit 4.5 Stable on fx 8350

its PRETTY RARE that a 8350 cant hit 4.5 with reasonable Voltage //
but now everything is fine - have fun with it

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