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Journeyman III

AMD VEGA benchmark for my channel


I have a YouTube channel with more than 30 000 subs.
I've built AMD Ryzen 1700X rig recently and my community liked the videos very much.

We all waiting for the Vega GPUs to benchmark and test them with that rig.

I can't get any details or contacts where to forward my request for review and benchmark.

If you have any info - I will appreciate it.



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Re: AMD VEGA benchmark for my channel

Check AMD's site here for contacts?

In just a few short days reviews and benchmarks should go public once the embargo is lifted. I doubt AMD will release any information before launch, besides, you want benchmarks/reviews from actual users anyway.

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Journeyman III

Re: AMD VEGA benchmark for my channel


I'm not waiting for the user's reviews.

I'm a tech myself and have my YouTube channel which covered about 500 000 - 700 000 views about AMD products.

I'm looking to make a review of Vega RX which I build 2 months ago.

Sure, I've tried that page  - I've got no response.

I assume that email forwards letters to the main pool where thousands of them and mine just loses there.

That's why I'm here.

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Re: AMD VEGA benchmark for my channel

Id reach out months before the product release. Media seeds have been sent out and I doubt they will provide any more. Maybe reach out to another YouTube channel with one on hand —  after release. That’s what I do. Also this isn’t the place to request product.... Try reaching out to board partners.

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