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Journeyman III

Add continuous support for Mac drivers update.

As you may know, red dead redemption 2 has released and without the latest AMD driver 19.11.1 you can not play it.

But on your website, macbook vega drivers stall at version 18. 

I have Macbook Pro 2019 with Vega 20 and my former Macbook Pro was equipped with M9 R370X. However, i found that AMD doesn't really care about its driver. If you want to update to new version, then you should use third-party driver like Turbo-charged AMD graphics drivers for Mac BootCamp users. .

Since you announced your AMD graphic cards so powerful on Macbook, it should have the same position as PC computer's driver. I really appreciate if someone can solve this problem.

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Journeyman III

Re: Add continuous support for Mac drivers update.

Glad I'm not the only one extremely frustrated with this issue.