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Journeyman III

The Enabler.

This is my PC. I'm not sure what to call my PC, but my PC does enable me to run the programs that I require at the moment soooooo the enabler seems suitable.

Im currently running

FX-8370 (OC to 4.5GHZ) - Cooled by close loop Thermaltake Water 2.0

Sapphire R9-270 (OCed at 970C-MHZ & 1450M-MHZ)


16GB 1600MHZ Patriot RAM

Crucial MX100 250GB SSD

630W PSU

and some random white enermax case.

I'm always on a budget being a Teen, but I've been able to get this far within 5 years. Don't hate on me for the lack of cable management or color scheme . Some of the cables aren't long enough and im always taking out some components in order to run some other builds at OHS Computer Club.20151211_180008.jpg

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Re: The Enabler.

Looks good Don't worry about the cable management and stuff! that used to my problem! (Considering im 16)

With commitment you can make those cables look sexy But I for sure know that some cases are lost causes.


Re: The Enabler.

I think a modular PSU would go a long ways towards helping your cable management situation, especially since you're continually swapping parts in and out and in and out.  From a computer club standpoint it might be an interesting project to do some thermal benchmarking on your GPU, then clean the cables up real good and benchmark it again to demonstrate the effect of airflow on cooling capability.  Most of the issues seem to be the need to run the cables through the bottom grommet and behind the motherboard, but as you mentioned, this may not be possible due to length constraints.  You may look into PSU extension cables; they're relatively inexpensive and will give you a way to shove the "ugly" parts of the cable behind the motherboard, and then come through the grommets/over the top in the case of the 4 pin, with "pretty" cables.

Here's an example of one for the 24 pin connection in red:

Bitfenix Alchemy Multisleeve 24-Pin ATX Extension Cable - 30cm - Red (BFA-MSC-24ATX45RK-RP) - Frozen...