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Red Rig Showcase

Adept I

Project Red Dead Journey


Hello guys,
this is my first finished casemod in a Red Dead Redemption style.
My goal was to keep the case rough and old looking but still have that detail in it.
It is 100% handmade, everything that is colored brown/beige is stained with ground coffee (yes you read right) and finished with teak oil.
Since i do not really rgb, it has just subtle red lighting, from the GPU/CPU and both side fans.
All decals are wood burned and the cables are wrapped in fine rope.

Since i have no sponsors or something like that, i had to use what is available, but i think it worked out nicely.
In a perfect world i would have taken an all Noctua cooling solution, but i do not regret anything .

Enjoy the build!


  1. BeFunky-collage (2)(d0DolJ1MA2G).jpg




CPURyzen 7 2700
MotherboardAsus Rog B450-F
MemoryCrucial Ballistix 32Gb
GraphicsSapphire Rx5700xt Pulse
Disc Drive 1
Disc Drive 2
Disc Drive 3{drive3}
PSUCorsair 550 80+gold
CaseCustom mod
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Adept III

Looks AWESEOME! Well I nominate you to receive a free new 6000 series (if that is what it will be called). Lisa Sue?

Way cool, great craftsmanship, art and style. Love it!

I really appreciate your opinion on it, it is a bit like a desert in the forums, i am glad that you like it ❤️

Adept I

rdr 4.jpg

Adept I


Adept I

rdr neu 1.jpg

Just add something  like this one, next to  that TNT c.jpg😄 

Adept III

You definitely got the detail down and the overall presentation to me looks really good and unique. Love it actually.  Thinking beyond the box . AMD should give out rewards, spice things up, give some give aways to the outstanding contributions.

Now if only a 6000 series GPU was hidden away with that dynamite! Really if marketing was mixing things up, get Rockstar member to bring in your box, with Lisa Su, dressed up of course, breaks open a lock on it and load and behold a 6900XT ready to go. Jensen can use an Oven with non working cards for the Ampere reveal, AMD can use real working cards from a very unique box crushing the competition (dynamite laid on top of the Ampere card, hint, blown away at the end). While subtle symbolism can be effective, funny etc. but also hard to pull off as well but can be long lasting when it hits the same time as an experience or event.

Anyways maybe you have a unique idea for art that could be sold as an after thought.

Thanks a lot Noko i really appreciate that and also nice ideas

Adept II

Dang it looks awesome...

thank you 🙂

Adept I

Just wanted to leave a thank you to amd for featuring this rig in #redrigfriday, my new project is in the works and i start logging it this weekend, also here is the final vid

Adept I

This is great! Very different than normal. 

Adept I

I just started RDR2 the other day and this is awesome! Great work! ... just don't leave it out in public or by a railroad lol