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Red Rig Showcase


New to AMD with Red Devil 8600 XT

Hey all,

So have been with Nvidia since my first PC right up to getting the RTX 2070. Not been impressed with Nvidia as a company, for how their (lack of) support are to customers and also their practices (even more so recently) as a company in general. So with all this madness going on started looking at AMD.

Went for a stroll into the city last weekend (lockdown finally lifted) and for a laugh thought I'd go into the small PC shop where I got my last build from and thought I'd crack a joke about 3080's in stock etc. I happened to walk in as they were opening a delivery of said cards.

The small few they could get, 3 x 3080's, 2 x 3070's and 1 3090 annnnnd just as I got their they were pulling out the limited red devil 6800 xt from the box. 10 mins later it was on its way home with me.

Just to add this in as it's asked a lot I'm living in Ireland and the prices on the cards in the shop were as follows


  • Red Devil 6800XT - 990
  • 3070 - 750
  • 3080-1000
  • 3090-1950

So looking into what I'll need/want to change in my current set up

  • GPU: RTX2070 > Red Devil 6800 XT
  • PSU: Gigabyte 650w 80+ Bronze > Corsair HX1000
  • CPU: Intel i7-8700 > Ryzen9 3900x
  • MB: MSI z390-A PRO > ASUS ROG Strix X570-E
  • Case: Sahara P35 RGB > Lan Li Lancool 2 Mesh RGB


So I have the card, the new power supply. Have to upgrade the case as it won't fit the new 1000w in it. Lan Li one has the best reviews and looks awesome.. just waiting on them to get in stock again!

Was actually surprised that the card ran on my 650w seeing as the box said min 850w but after looking into it it seems I should be fine for some light use atm. Easy to switch cards back if needed anyway.

Just wondering what peoples thoughts are regarding my motherboard/cpu choices. I don't think I need to go any higher with the CPU tbh as I don't think I'll need the 5000 series AMD at all. On the motherboard.. honestly just not sure! 

Any suggestions or thoughts would be great. Cheers

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Adept I

I prefer Radeon brand or Sapphire.

I have a Power Color Rx 5700xt.

20h2 sucks by the way, sorry had to throw that in there.

Windows update offered me a update for my card. Was just the driver. No UI. bah

Good luck with your card.

I have a Ryzen 9 its great.