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How to make the most of this forum!

How to make the most of this forum!

It may seem silly, but let's go over a quick primer so you get the most out of this forum, whether you're asking a question or posting a bug.

First off what is the WRONG way to post a question/issue.  For example "I press render and nothing happened!! What is the issue?"  Well, there's not much to go on to help you there.

When posting a bug, or issue, or question, here's a few hints.

  1. Be as clear and complete as possible.  Describe the problem or question you're having!
    1. Include what is happening, what you are expecting to happen
    2. Tell us about the OS, hardware, driver.  Radeon ProRender is a GPU renderer, so hardware matters!
  2. Include the scene file!  We cannot stress this enough.  Any steps in reproducing the issue are important.  Having to recreate things from scratch only means your issue will be less quickly addressed.
  3. Attach renders of output and expected output.  Circle problems, make it clear!
  4. Optional - if this is a UI problem, or something that is interactive a screenshot or video helps!

Here's a good example of a bug report:

OS: OSX 10.13.4

Software: Blender 2.79b

ProRender version: 1.6.159 (from the about section)

Issue:  Black spots in Render of BMW scene when rendering with CPU only  (see attached render)

(See scene attached)

Also, remember Radeon ProRender is free software, we will address any questions or bugs as quickly as possible, and community help is appreciated!

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