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AMD Radeon ProRender updates for Q4 2018

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To accompany the release of the Q4 Radeon Pro driver, we released updates to our Radeon ProRender plugins. All can be downloaded at

AMD Radeon™ ProRender Plug-in Download

Here's some highlights:


PTC Creo plugin released:

For CAD users of PTC Creo 4 or 5, we officially released our plugin for that software. More info here:

Updated Material Library (Maya, 3DSMax, Blender plugins):

We completely rewrote the material library used in the plugins. Added many new materials, and all materials now use our Uber shader.

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 4.08.08 PM.png

Even better, a feature many users have asked for, we separated the material library to a separate installer. Now, users can download the plugin alone, and install the material library separately. This will make updating easier. Also note for users using multiple plugins, the material library only needs to be installed once!

(Current the separate material library installer is on Windows only, and coming soon to macOS and Linux).

Adaptive Subdivision support for Maya and 3DSMax:

Adaptive subdivision is a very useful feature for artists doing displacement. The problem with normal subdivision is that you set a "subdivision level" (aka the number of times the polygon faces are split to make a smooth surface). However if an object is very far off from the camera, the renderer could be wasting resources splitting polygons to < 1 pixel in size! Adaptive subdivision lets you set how many pixels to subdivide to (1polygon per pixel is the default) and the renderer will calculate based on how big the object is on screen to dice the geometry.

There's a video talking about this in the blender plugin here:

Radeon™ ProRender: How to Work with Subdivision Surfaces in the Plug-In for Blender™ - YouTube

More Radeon ProRender for Maya highlights:

  • Added support for sequence rendering. Another oft-asked for feature!
  • Export of sequences of .rpr format files (useful for queueing renders for cloud rendering)
  • Reorganized render settings into tabs: System (devices) / Sampling / Quality / Effects / AOVs
  • Settings are now separated in sampling and device selection for viewport vs final render.
  • Bug fixes and more at Radeon ProRender for Maya v2.5 Release Notes | AMD

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 4.26.17 PM.png

Radeon ProRender for 3DSMax updates:

Blender addon for Radeon ProRender:

  • Vastly improved interactivity for viewport rendering. We switched to display interactive viewports natively in OpenGL via an interop with the OpenCL renderer.

  • Added per-light AOVs. This allows compositors to separate lighting by light type (Emissive lights, Environment, Key and Fill lights) and independently tweak light values.

  • Sheen settings for doing cloth like materials added to Uber or for doing a "fuzz" like materialsheen.png
  • Procedural UV mapping. Hate doing UVs? Don't we all! These nodes allow you do wrap textures in different shapes, project textures from a camera, or use tri-planar mapping for easier texturing of simple objects.
  • More info here: Radeon ProRender for Blender v1.8 Release Notes | AMD

More to come!

Moving forward we will continue to post weekly(ish) beta builds here on the community forums. If you find issues with the current builds please post a clear repro case so we can take a look. There is some interesting developments with Radeon ProRender coming soon like hair rendering, interesting denoiser developments, and support for the upcoming Blender 2.8 (when it is released). So stay tuned and follow here for updates!

AMD Radeon™ ProRender Plug-in Download

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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Hello AMD ProRender support,

I am having a challenging time finding support information for ProRender for Maya 2019.  Can someone confirm if support for Maya 2019 is underway? Any details to offer?


Tom Dean