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Tackle the Most Demanding Workflows with the Radeon™ Pro WX 9100, Available Now

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[Originally posted on 10/18/17]

A New Solution for High End Workstations

The Radeon™ Pro WX 9100 card is AMD’s flagship workstation graphics solution based on the revolutionary “Vega” GPU architecture. Begin accelerating your workflows using technologies like the High Bandwidth Cache Controller (HBCC), a radically new GPU memory hierarchy that pushes new frontiers in real-time visualization with hyper-realistic rendering techniques. Radeon Pro WX 9100 card, enable you to tackle larger and more complex models through the entire design visualization pipeline.

In addition to cutting-edge hardware, when you purchase a Radeon Pro WX 9100 you’ll have access to our amazing Radeon™ Pro software ecosystem. These tools are there to help improve your workflow experience; for example, you can take your designs and models and move them into VR. With the massive parallel processing capabilities of the graphics processor, you can render a model or scene, and using our Radeon™ ProRender Game Engine Importer tool (Beta), import it into the Unreal Engine to preview and interact with your model in a virtual reality environment. Watch the video below to see this being demonstrated.

One card not powerful enough? Add additional Radeon Pro WX 9100 cards into your system for even more performance. With a multi-GPU setup of up to four Radeon Pro WX 9100 cards, you get greater performance to do demanding tasks like real-time interactive editing of a scene in applications such as the latest version of MAXON’s Cinema 4D (R19) that has support for multi-GPUs and native integration of Radeon ProRender.

For the past few years, Adobe has integrated the Cineware Live 3D pipeline, a key component of Cinema 4D, into After Effects, offering improved workflow and greater performance. We are excited that users can now get access to AE integration of C4D R19 that will allow them to be able to use Radeon ProRender ray-traced GPU renderer from within After Effects. This will effectively allow AE users to be able to create and render accurate physically-based 3D models with C4D leveraging the compute power of the GPU from within their AE environment.

As with every Radeon Pro WX card, you get certified applications with many of today’s top applications across design and manufacturing as well as media and entertainment spaces, regular enterprise driver updates, and 24/7 support1 that you’d expect from professional grade graphics. Built to tackle the most demanding workloads in media and entertainment as well as design and manufacturing, the Radeon Pro WX 9100 card is available today for purchase.

One More Thing!

At AMD, we continually strive to come out with products that shake up the industry. One of these revolutionary products is the new Radeon™ Pro SSG professional graphics card, available now for purchase. The Radeon Pro SSG card is the very first graphics card to have 2TB of memory on board. With access to such vast amounts of memory, users can create high-fidelity real-time VFX pre-visualizations to help inform and make decisions on-the-fly, or work on 8K, VR, 360 video stitching and other highly demanding graphics workloads effortlessly.

If you’re attending the Adobe Max 2017 Creativity Conference ( in Las Vegas the week of October 16th, come see us at the Community Pavilion, booth#682 where you can check out some amazing demos and workflows powered by the Radeon Pro WX 9100 and Radeon Pro SSG cards.

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