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AMD Virtualized Graphics GIM Open Source

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[Originally posted on 02/14/18]

Open for Business. The Collaborative Cloud.

At AMD, open source is in our DNA. We have a legacy of sharing and contributing to open source projects, applications and supporting industry standards. Our goal is to raise the tide for developers and users, enabling open choice across the board.

In this vein, I am excited to announce the availability of our Virtualized Graphics KVM host driver to the open source community. You can pick it up now at: AMD Drivers and Support.

AMD has made significant progress with our virtualized graphics business in 2017. Many server design wins, and our announcement with Amazon Web Services, illustrates the use of our GPUs running virtually with distributed workloads among multiple users, delivering a consistent solution with great security features for customers.

In a day and age where other companies are requiring proprietary software to run virtual environments and then further charging end user licenses, AMD is going the opposite direction. We embrace open source as a way to promote collaboration and sharing, but most of all, to enable our customers, from cloud providers to server manufacturers, to build products that delight their customers.

So join us in our quest to build a collaborative cloud. Download our open source host driver now and build a GPU environment in the cloud to make your customers happy.


To get the driver go here

For other AMD open source programs go here: GPUOpen

For more information on AMD Virtualized GPUs go here

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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

I've searched the whole Internet for opensource of MI50 but get nothing. And can't find development manual, either.

Anyone Knows Where to find them?  What should I do next? I really need them.