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Journeyman III

XMP/EXPO on Ryzen 7000

I've heard about some issues with running memory at rated speeds on the new Ryzen 7000 CPUs, and after upgrading my PC myself, I have also noticed some weird behaviour that I want to see if there's a way around yet. In my case XMP does work, but only once. It will get the memory to its rated speed of 6000MHz if I go into BIOS, turn it on, have the PC restart, and boot. I will have no problems using my PC afterwards. But then, if I were to shut down or even just restart my PC, XMP will stop working and I will no longer be able to boot until I disable it. What's weird is that it doesn't manifest as something like some issue in the BIOS, or the PC hard-resetting, or some debug code or LED on the board. Rather, at the best of times, I will boot but get constant random BSODS. That is, if I even get that far, as usually what happens is I don't even boot but I get that screen telling me that Windows is unable to boot because the kernel is damaged and needs to be repaired, and from there I can't do anything, not even boot into safe mode or Windows recovery environment without turning of XMP first. BIOS is already up-to-date, and the latest version promised major improvements in RAM stability, but clearly not enough, so should I just wait for more software and firmware upgrades for this new platform first, or is there something deeper preventing XMP from working here?

Also what have been some other people's experiences with XMP on Ryzen 7000, doing some research for an upcoming piece.

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Adept I

I have very similar issues to this and I tried everything to try and fix this without success.

If I only cold boot/shutdown the PC, everything is fine and RAM speed (XMP) is maintained (if I manage to boot to Windows with this speed), but if I restart it will most likely stuck with CPU/DRAM led on and I have to force shutdown or it will revert RAM speeds to default (4800 CL40).

If I don't restart and only shutdown, the system is completely stable (I made several stability tests without errors), but as soon as I restart, the PC either hangs or when it starting up again, the XMP will not be applied and default speeds are active (BIOS still have XMP config applied but the RAM is running at 4800Mhz).

Asrock X670E PG / G.Skill F5-6000U3636E16GX2-TZ5K

Adept III

If people got hard time making rams run at 3600 imagine beyond 5000.