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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

x570 + PCI-E 4 Sound issues/popping


I've had issues with my audio ever since I purchased an RTX 3080 (upgrading from a 1080Ti) on my x570 Aorus Elite running an R9 3900x. At first I thought it was my sound card (Sound Blaster Zx), where I'd get terrible popping, channel swapping, sound stage changing constantly. It was ridiculous.

I fixed it by going from PCI-E "Auto" to forcing PCI-E to Gen3.

I decided to test some more since everyone kept laying the blame on Creative... so I took out the sound card, DDU removed all sound blaster drivers, cleaned up everything, and enabled HD Audio in my bios and reverted back to PCI-E "Auto".

I had a SIMILAR issues, not exactly the same, but still issues. There is audible popping in the audio, and it's really bad with some types of audio that hit hard (hard rock style music does it the most).

Turning PCI-E back to Gen3, all popping goes away completely.

I've updated Win10 fully, updated all drivers, and updated BIOS from F11 to F21 (held off on going to F30 as I don't believe this will fix it), and the issue persists if PCI-E is running in Gen4 (Auto sets it since I have a PCI-E 4 GPU). I don't do any OC except for using the XMP profile (3466 CL16) for my memory.

I've not done any voltage changes to SoC or anything else as I've seen others recommends, because when I checked my voltages for SoC and VDDG they're all within the DRAM calculator's recommended range for my memory.

What's going on here? I see this issue going on with many other x570 boards and not just Gigabyte. Is AMD working on a fix?

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