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Journeyman III

Wraith prism noise and temperature

Hi, for a few days I got my 3700x and while building the pc , I've used the stock cooler ( I used a better thermal paste(arctic silver 5) than the included one) and I noticed that in full load , the cpu can get up to allmost 80 (78 is the max I got) and also the cooler is vibrating. 

I can hear and feel that vibration, when the fan is in full load.

Here it is a Video , are the temps , the vibration and the sound of this cooler normal ,or my cooler is defective?

Also where can I find a list of aftermarket coolers that will not void my warranty?

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Big Boss

I can't see anything wrong there, according to a reliable vid on YouTube, the 3700X should get up to 90ºC on AIDA and 72ºC while gaming with the Prism. This is a comparison vid between AIO versus Prism with the 3700X.

I use the Prism (which is not bad) because I'm waiting for the Ryujin II 360 to go on sale.

You can see my fan curve here in my vid

I never let the Prism reach full speed before 75ºC, normally its waves between 1100-1300rpm and 74'ish while editing/rendering. Gaming always sub 65ºC although, I have it undervolted and with Noctua case fans plus high airflow case.

There's is quite some topics lately due to CPU temps, have a look on the forum.

The Englishman