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Big Boss

wraith prism cooler

I found an AMD Wraith Prism cooler on eBay fine. There are lots of them available. The glowing AMD logo will add a bit of color to the rig as well.

The reason I wanted it was mostly to put the bracket back on the motherboard. Removing the 4 post cooler is more time consuming and I have to remove the motherboard to change the CPU.

The Wraith Prism clips on the same as the socket AM2 and AM3 coolers. This makes it easier for swapping processors for test purposes.

Not sure what the maximum thermal load is for the Wraith Prism but they come with the 105W processors. My processors are 65W and while overkill, the Wraith Prism does make it easier to work with. The additional thermal advantages are an additional benefit.

wraith prism.jpg

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