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Journeyman III

Would a SP3 socket Epyc 7742 CPU work in a sWRX8(WRX80) socket mobo?

Would a SP3 socket Epyc 7742 CPU work in a sWRX8(WRX80) socket mobo?

I've got a SP3 socket Epyc 7742 CPU and the availability of motherboards is kinda limited.

In doing some of reading, I found that Socket sWRX8, is physically identical to a normal SP3 socket.

Socket sWRX8, is also physically identical to the normal SP3 socket, but I can't find any information if a SP3 socket CPU like the 7742 cpu I have will work in sWRX8.  Does anyone happen to know?


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Here is what Processor website mentions about SP3 and WRX80 Sockets:

Socket sWRX8 is mechanically identical to Socket SP3 and the sockets TR4 and sTRX4 also derived from it. Electrically it differs minimally from Socket SP3 as well, in particular sWRX8 processors support UDIMMs in addition to RDIMMs, however this infrastructure is restricted to single socket systems with a maximum of one DIMM per memory channel. TR4 and sTRX4 processors support only UDIMMs on up to four memory channels, but up to two DIMMs per channel like Socket SP3, and omit four of eight PCIe interfaces present on Socket SP3 and sWRX8.

TR4 and sTRX4 processors are not supported on Socket sWRX8 or vice versa. If SP3 processors are compatible with sWRX8 platforms or vice versa, given suitable memory and firmware, is unclear.

Also if you should be able to install a EPYC Processor on a WRX80 socket your motherboard would need to have a BIOS version installed that will support that Server processor. 

So if you should install the EPYC processor on a ThreadRipper motherboard the BIOS versions probably won't support the EPYC processor and most likely not boot up.

Thanks for your reply.