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Adept I

Worried I wont receive a boot kit

I submitted a ticket on Tuesday (3 days ago) and received no response. I've been reading from others that sometimes they never receive a boot kit after submitting their documents, but it's my only hope. 


On Asus's page for my x470 board it said it was 3rd gen Ryzen ready, so I found a really good deal from a retailer unaware that their inventory was ancient and not updated. After ordering the 3700x new from the best-priced seller on amazon, I found out I had been scammed. It took over a month for amazon to refund me and until then I couldnt afford to buy a replacement processor. When I finally did buy it (this time from a reputable marketplace- NewEgg), I discovered the problem with my board. Given the month-long wait for the processor, I am now past the return timeframe for the board. I'm stuck with it. The retailer will not help me update it or take it back, and the manufacturer told me I'd need a boot kit. Now I'm worried that I'm going to have to wait another month for AMD to respond. I sent photos of the exchange with Asus, the invoice for the board and processor, and photos of the processor itself. I was hoping it was common enough request to get fast-tracked, but I guess not.

I thought the hardest part about my first build would be cable management, not customer service.

My first ticket got no confirmation at all so I resubmitted and the current ticket is 8200948275


EDIT: They confirmed the boot kit today, monday night.

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Adept I

also if anyone knows the absolute cheapest processor I could purchase for that socket it might end up being worthwhile for me to do that instead of waiting in the dark.


Go to Asus Support and look at your motherboard's CPU SUPPORT page. There it will show all the processors that your motherboard supports with the correct BIOS version needed to be installed to recognize the processor.

From that list you can see which is the least expensive Processor to install on your motherboard.