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Adept III

Windows freezing - crashing (could be motherboard?)

WHEA error:

Windows Freeze:


Tested different ram sticks, different brands, tested 7600x and 7700x, and windows keeps crashing, now its say the VGA driver stopped working.

Windows x64 - New installation, 1tb KC3000 Kingston NVME.

Motherboard: Asrock x670e steel legend, tested 4 BIOS.


Now, I don`t know what to do? Buy another motherboard to test?

Sad.... I has AMD FX8350 for almost one decade and not problems, new generation and I don't know where is the problem....


Any help is appreciate.

Thanks a lot.

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Adept III

Set your BIOS to optimized defaults, then disable C-State and disable Fmax enhancer. Set power supply from low idle to Typical idle "Let rams to AUTO" which should run them at 2133mhz. Test again and report back.

Adept III

When updated BIOS, the seetings changed to defaults. But not tested yet disabling C-STATE and FMAX, probably will be the next test.

Tested this so far:

  1. 3 BIOS versions. (Currently in the last one - 1.14.AS06)
  2. Different CPU - 7600x and 7700x (currently with this)
  3. Different sticks of memory, 2 sticks, 4 sticks...
  4. Different memory brand (Corsair and Kingston at 4800mhz - JEDEC) - but seems to be the same chip manufacturer (Micron?)
  5. Different memory voltage, tested 4800mhz and 3600mhz..
  6. Use Windows (same clone) from SATA HDD intead NVME SSD.
  7. Disable every hardware acceleration from every browsers.
  8. Now I'm testing with another third option of memory stick (Adata XPG with EXPO at 5200mhz).

Next tests if the current one fail:

  • Change C-STATE and FMAX
  • NVidia Quadro (not arrived yet) *
  • Different motherboard - asus rog strix 650. (not arrived yet) **
  • Reinstall Windows for the third time...


* NVidia Quadro is welcome.

** I didn't want to change the motherboard, because I liked this Asrock x670e so much, I chose it for the many things it had.



Did I understand that you cloned the Windows to the new drive.  It could be something from the clone that is not understanding the AM5 architecture.  I would strongly suggest a clean installation of Windows when so much has changed in the architecture from the previous machines.

Famous last words of a RedNeck "Hey Ya'll, WATCH THIS"


I cloned the SSD to HDD after others tests, but the other tests were made with the SSD NVMe, I cloned to HDD just to test if the problem could be a M.2 or SSD problem.

The main problem is Windows freezing after some hours. (24~30.. hours +-)

Tested in stress and no problems..

The current test is with 7700x -> XPG Adata 2x16gb 5200mhz EXPO. (but in the SSD this time, because the tst with HDD changed nothing).

When migrated to this setup, I installed Windows from zero.

Adept III

So far the test 8 is woking normal after 48h without interruptions.

So if works, why only the third ram kit worked?

Already tested there two and have freezes:

- Corsair 4800mhz (not in QVL) - 1.1v

   - Tested up the voltage too..

- Kingston 4800mhz (QVL) - 1.1v

Now with Adata / XPG 5200mhz (QVL) (EXPO - 1.25v) seems to be working (have to wait more hours / days)...

Not tested this Adata /XPG with a 7600x, currently with the 7700x.


So the questions...:

1 - But if this works, I could do a RMA of the 7600x and Corsair Memories?

Can this be considered a manufacturing issue? Or they might not accept it?


2 - If this test works, how this is possible? Even with the Kingston in QVL, the Windows freezed after some hours....

From what I saw, the Corsair and Kingston memories of these two models I tested are manufactured by Micron.
And I'm not sure, but I think the Adata / XPG model I'm testing is made by Adata itself? Could this be a Micron problem?

Or could be the EXPO working more stable than JEDEC / XMP...?