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Windows Crushes setting Kingston RAM at 3200Mhz Ryzen 9-3950X

My new Ryzen x570 Aorus Master system Ryzen 9-3950X with 4 ea. HyperX 16G 3200MHz DDR4 RAM crashes when setting the RAM frequency at 3200MHz. The system works fine at 2400MHz.


Please let me know:
(1)  what steps I could take to set the RAM speed per the ram specs? or

(2)  what alternative RAM I could safely use with my system.


Here are the specs of some relevant components on my system:


Windows:  10 Pro 1909


RAM Kingston Hyper X 16GB DDR4-3200 CL16 288 PIN UDIMM

PA0301M ID: 1030613 2994

UPC: 740617296297

296297T2T200000 08672883002




MOBO Gigabyte X570 BIOS: F11

UPC: 889523017470  EAN: 471933180654 SN195200004745


SSD  Gigabyte NVMe

UPC: GP-ASM2NE6200TTTD SN195108900711 SN195108900712 SN195108900713


CPU AMD Ryzen 9-3950X

UPC: 100-100000051WOF EAN: 730143311809 SN: 9HT4933X90029


GPU MSI Radeon  RX 5700 EVOKE OC

UPC: 824142195123 EAN: 4719072668501 SN: 602-V381-94SP1909001107


BTW, I have seen reports on line such as this as Tom's Hardware so I am hoping that a solution is available already to this issue.

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Journeyman III

Re: Windows Crushes setting Kingston RAM at 3200Mhz Ryzen 9-3950X

I used same memory with 3900X, motherboard Gigabyte X570 Aorus Ultra (FW F11) and I had the same problem. But I found manually configuration, used it, tested ... no errors at 3200MHz 

After "load default optimized settings", try configure:

Actived XMP profile - Profile 1
Level 1
CAS Latency: 16
tRCDRD: 18
tRCDWR: 18
tRP: 18
tRAS: 36
tRC: 56
DRAM voltage: 1,350V