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Journeyman III

will the amd fx 8370 work in my acer m3450-ur10p

its a 980g chipset

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Acer Aspire AM3450 Desktop Computer.

You have a very old computer with a very old AMD GPU HD6xxx card from the specs I read about your computer.

If you can afford it, I would just purchase a new computer rather than upgrade the processor. The processor will probably cost more then the computer you have.


If you can't afford a new computer than you need to download a free program called SPECCY.  That program will show the Make & Model of the motherboard your computer has installed and other hardware and software.

IF the motherboard is not some ACER OEM motherboard but has a common Motherboard from one of the manufacturer's like MSI, Gigabyte, Asus, ASRock, etc then once you know the Make & Model of the Motherboard you can go to the Motherboard Manufacturer's Support site and see what Processors are compatible with WHICH BIOS VERSION!.

Otherwise you going to have to open a ACER SUPPORT ticket and ask them what processors are compatible with the computer model you have.