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Journeyman III

Will A8 8600b run full copy of windows 10, not just the win 10 IoT?

Howdy folks, the technical side of things seem to be eluding me so I'm here to ask the experts

My environment has repurposed HP MT42's, which use an AMD Pro A8 8600b, from there intended thin client design into a laptop with a full copy of Win 10 instead of the supplied Win 10 IoT. Story short between this conversion and the added various client software which adds an additional 15-20 processes, more stress obviously, the MT42 runs slow, bad experience, and fails large 1 gb ms os updates. Resource monitor shows the cpu just going nuts.

It's a mad house, you don't have to tell me haha. I tend to believe this SoC was not intended for this use but haven't been able to find or understand technical reasons why, hoping you can enlighten me. I'm just not that familiar with SoC's used in laptop platforms and their capability. I thank you for your time on this.