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Why no output on VGA monitor with Ryzen 2200G/ASUS PRIME A320 M-K?

I've bought recently a computer with Ryzen 2200G APU and ASUS PRIME A320 M-K motherboard.

I only had a VGA monitor, this motherboard has a VGA port, so at first glance, even at the store they assumed it would work fine.

When I got home and first turned on the PC, disappointment . No image at all on the VGA monitor.

I checked online I already had the latest BIOS installed.

I tried connecting through a HDMI cable to a TV, only then I got image and could access the BIOS, start to install the operating system.

Some days later, in Windows 10, I still had the HDMI TV as 1st monitor, I connected the VGA monitor to the VGA port as 2nd monitor, surprise surprise , I finally managed to get output on the VGA monitor, which told me it works but only in Windows, for some reason, when I rebooted, outside Windows, I couldn't see anything via VGA, only through HDMI.

Is it a motherboard issue (ASUS), or processor issue (AMD)? I've contacted both companies, AMD told me it is recommended to use digital connections such as HDMI, they said nothing about VGA , which leads me to assume AMD didn't worry about full VGA support (since it tends to disappear in the near future), hence why it doesn't always work. I'd still like to know the technical explanation for this, to be better informed.

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