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Journeyman III

why isn t my threadripper 2970wx capable of clocking higher than 3.5 under heavy loads?!

i have corsair h115i platinum as cooler it goes up to 60-70 C under heavy loads.

64 GB of ram 3200mhz cl16

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Because the maximum temperature of that processor is 68*C.


bobka, without a screenshot of Ryzen Master, we have no chance to even guess what is going on with your system.  So, please post a screenshot of RM and tell us more about your system.  Thanks and enjoy, John.


Hi Misterj,

sorry didn t think about sending a screen of the RM before you asked.

Now, here are two screenshots, one when idle and one when on load. I had to turn all the fans to max speed, temps started at 57 as you can see and went up to 63 as i m writing this message.

The full spec is 2970wx/corsair h115i platinum/64 GB ram 3200mhz cl16/rtx 2080ti/gigabyte designare x399 EX/evga 80+ gold 850w and i have cooler master h500m as a case.

I checked around and found that for this cpu it should be under 24C when idle but for some reasons mine is always on 38-40. 

I much appreciate any help from you guys,

Thanks in advance.Idle.jpgOn load.jpg


Thanks, bobka.  I am sorry for missing your post.  I see no problem here, just that the system is not really loaded in the second RM SS.  Please DL and run Cinebench R20.  I have a 2990WX and ran it yesterday and it very quickly pegs PPT at 250 Watts.  My idle temperature right now is 37C and very dependent on room temperatures.  Under 24C makes no sense in my house in the summer here, when my room temperature exceeds 25C.  I use a Enermx Liqtech TR4 280 CPU Cooler with four fans on the radiator.  The fans and the pump are all plugged directly into 12 Volts.  When your system is really running full blast, I would expect the CPU to get close to the 68C limit, or even throttle.  I notice your memory is running at 2133 (2x1067) MHz.  This is probable the default speed (SPD).  If you rally want to run 3200MHz, you will need to try the XMP profile in your BIOS.  It may be iffy with 64GB.  Please do not run any OC code (like MB) or HWinfo while testing.  Thanks and enjoy, John.