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Journeyman III

Why every time I play a game (and sometimes just idle)my GPU clock speed goes from 200 MHz-2000 MHz?

Every time I load up my game my clock speed goes insane like 200 MHz to 2000 MHz? I am not good with these types of things so is this normal or what? The clock speed goes insane by not even doing anything at all. (like just by staying on the game menu) I'm using the AMD software to monitor the usage and speeds. Any tips/help? Oh yeah, also the VRAM clock speed is like 1000 something so are both of these things normal?

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Well, yes the clocks do increase in a game, the graphics processor has to render the scenes, movement, etc...

And there are some games where the clocks remain high in the game menu, or in some where vsync is turned off.

Normally the higher the graphics settings, the harder a card has to work.



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