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Adept II

Why does ryzen 3 2200G have wildly varying temps, speeds, and volts?

Hi, Even when it's idling the CPU keeps jumping up in temperature voltage and speed. The temperatures jumps up in seconds from say 28C to 60C, while the clock speed of the various cores move up and down apparently randomly. The CPU voltage also goes up and down quickly, I presume in concert with the clock speeds.

It's not the height of the temperatures or speeds or voltages that are too high that concerns me, it's just the speed and randomness of the changes even when nothing is going on on the computer that strikes me as strange. My other Ryzen 1500x machine stays pretty much static if nothing is being done on the computer.

The motherboard and CPU are second hand and the CPU had a small amount of thermal paste on a couple of pins. I cleaned it off but I'm wondering if that could be a problem in some way if some remains. Apart from that I don't have a theory so if anyone can suggest a possible reason for this behaviour I'd appreciate it.

Regards Steve

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