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Journeyman III

Why can't I get Ryzen 7 1700 with Gigabyte AX370 Chipset MB to allow Virtualbox to work when I have enabled Virtualization?

I am using Windows 10 Pro.  I have disabled and removed Hyper-V.  I have activated support for virtualization in the BIOS.  I used to use Virtualbox with no problems.  Now, however, I have errors that report that hyper-v is running.  I have googled and searched to find out why certain applications are reporting that they cannot run because Hyper-V is running.  I can't use Bluestacks or Virtualbox because they all report that Hyper-V is running.

I have googled everything to fix this and it still reports that hyper-v is running or active and that is why things are failing.  So, it thinks that hyper-v is active and stands as a barrier to running other applications.  How can I address this issue?  I can only think of running a fresh install of Windows 10. 



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Adept II

Re: Why can't I get Ryzen 7 1700 with Gigabyte AX370 Chipset MB to allow Virtualbox to work when I have enabled Virtualization?

Your problem has nothing to do with AMD. The Internet is full of calls for help to uninstall hyper-v. It is a pure Windows topic. Anyway:

Remove Hyper-V from Windows 10 Pro

Uninstall virtual adapters of hyper before uninstall the hyper-v.

  1. Win+X
  2. Network Connections
  3. choose any interface where the name is like "hyper-v"
  4. click on right button of the mouse and choose properties
  5. you will see a lot of protocols installed. Find a protocol name like "hyper-v", select him and click uninstall.

Uninstall Hyper-V

Open Hyper-V Manager

  1.   Select your Host (if not already selected)
  2.   Delete all virtual machines
  3.   Click Virtual Switch Manager...
  4.   Select each virtual switch and click Remove, then click OK
  5.   Close Virtual Switch Manager
  6.   With your Host selected click Stop Service, then click OK
  7.   With your Host selected click Remove Server, then click OK
  8.   Close Hyper-V Manager
  9.   Press Windows key + X
  10.   Click Apps and Features
  11.   Click Programs and Features
  12.   Click Turn Windows features on or off
  13.   Deselect Hyper-V
  14.   Click OK
  15.   Click Restart

Remove the hyper-v role, run the dism command.

1.Run Command prompt as an administrator

          dism.exe /online /disable-feature:microsoft-hyper-v

2.restart you pc

Uninstall hyper-v again.

Run Command prompt as an administrator

          bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off

    Reboot the system, it will turn off hyper-v role.

If that does not help make a clean reinstall of Windows 10 Pro