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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Why are my temperatures so low after simple overclock (Zenith Extreme+1950X)?

I have a strange problem. So ventured into the world of OC with a simple 3 step as suggested in the guru3d Threadripper review. Running 901 beta BIOS.

1. Enable 4000MHz

Extreme Tweaker> CPU Core Ratio

2. Apply 1.35V to the CPU

CPU Core Voltage > Manual Mode, Override to 1.35

I rebooted with ONLY these 2 steps and saw modest performance boost with Cinebench scoring 3095.

My idle temp was 30 and reached a peak temp of 59C during Cinebench test.

Then rebooted into BIOS and added simple memory tweaks (Step3 from guru3d article)

Actually the guru3d article suggests enabling XMP but couldn't find in BIOS so did the following 3 changes

I am running a Corsair Vengeance LPX 2666 8x8GB kit and was previously only getting 2133MHz.

Ai Overclock Tuner > D.O.C.P.

D.O.C.P > DOCP DDR4 2667 15-17-17-35

Memory Frequency > DDR4 2666MHz

Saved, exited and rebooted again into Windows.

Here is the surprising part. My temperatures are too low! (see attached)

Before at idle I was seeing 30C average idle now am getting only 7C average!

And when I bench I score about the same but only hit a peak of 30C!!

Also confirmed the temps running MSI Afterburner and as well I can hardly hear my fans as they don't ramp up at all.

Here is the link to my CPU-Z profile

The adage "If it seems too good to be true then it probably isn't" certainly applies here.

Can any OC experts explain what is happening?

Less important I am wondering why there is a discrepancy in CPU-Z memory info between the app and the posted info in the uploaded profile(attached 2nd pic)



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Adept III
Adept III

Re: Why are my temperatures so low after simple overclock (Zenith Extreme+1950X)?

in Asus C6H BIOS there is an option called Sense MI SKEW: it manages the temp offset of the CPU. If i disable this option (setting not Auto but Disable) temp is showing correctly. It's possible that if you load DOCP profile, this option will be enabled by default by bios. According to me there is a similar setting in Zenith Extreme. Find this setting and set it disable. I think that your temps will be shown correctly.

Look at this thread:

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Re: Why are my temperatures so low after simple overclock (Zenith Extreme+1950X)?

AMD Ryzen Master_2017-12-31_16-03-37.png


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