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Journeyman III

where can i buy the two cables for my ryzen 7 wraith prisim fan?

where can i buy the two cables for my ryzen 7 wraith prisim fan?

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I believe one cable you can buy via an Online Retailer like Amazon but the other (USB) you might need to get from AMD directly.

I see that Amazon sells the RGB cable to the Wraith Spire but not sure if that will fit the Prism.

Best thing to do is open a Warranty Ticket from your Retailer and see if they will replace both under Warranty. If the Retailer's Warranty has expired than open a AMD Warranty Request from here: 

AMD Warranty is for 3 years if your CPU Cooler, Wraith Prism, came bundled with your processor.  If you purchased the Wraith Prism separately I would still suggest you open a AMD Warranty and see if they will send you both cables under Warranty or as a valued Customer.

In addition just to let you know. You don't use both cables they are both for controlling the RGB. Use the one with the RGB header if you want to control the RGB with your motherboard software.

Use the USB that connects to a USB header if you want to control with the Cooler Master RGB software, CM makes the cooler for AMD. 

I don't know where to buy the USB cable. 

The usb software if you end up with one of those cables can be had here: 

I don't know if my information was just missing for some reason like your cables, but there was nothing to explain all this in the packaging. I had to do a bit of search to know what they were for myself.