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Journeyman III

Where are all the APUs?

Hello everyone,

Recently I started planning an office-pc build. Of course I wanted to use a Ryzen APU, because I have been a Ryzen Fan since the first generation. But I can hardly find an APU for a respectable price. Most tech retailers here in Germany don't have any Ryzen G series Processors at all and when they do, for example they want prices of about 200 euros for a R 5 3400G. I am definitely not paying such a price for a processor that is over 2,5 years old. Then I did some research and found out about the 4000 series APUs, that until that point I hadn't even heard of. Why for god's sake didn't AMD release those APUs for retailers? So my conclusion is that at the moment it is basically impossible to build an office-pc with a Ryzen APU.

If anyone has any hardware suggestions I could use alternatively, please comment. The PC needs to be able to run 3 1080p monitors. I had a look at a Rx 550 + R 2600, but all in all a combination of GPU+CPU would be way more expensive than an APU one.

Best regards