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Journeyman III

When will motherboards be released that support the Ryzen 5 2400G without needing a boot kit to update the bios?

I am looking into making my first gaming PC and I wanted to get this processor because it has far better built in graphics than Intel. I plan on waiting a little to get a good GPU, but for the games I plan on playing for right now, this will do just fine. However, I read that many motherboards aren't compatible with this processor without updating it, but I saw in a video someone mentioned that there will be some released soon that wont require an update. Does anyone know when that will be and what motherboards?

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All motherboards built after the BIOS release date with 2000 APU support will be compatible, but there is no way to tell what those are. Also, when AMD 400 series chipset boards are released with Zen+ (ETA April) they will be guaranteed compatible.

Adept II

If you shop at a smaller place, they will be able to tell you what bios is on the motherboard. They can even flash it for you. If I would suggest a motherboard now, it would be the Crosshair VI Hero/Strix X370-F. Crosshair VI Hero have a USB BIOS Flashback feature in which you can update BIOS to the latest revision with just your USB flashdrive and PSU. Some smaller dealers have started to receive some motherboard the latest bios