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Journeyman III

when is relese date of 3rd gen procesor

I wanted to buy ryzen 5 2600x but i dont know if its worth it of waithing for 3rd gen  

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Should be within a few months, in the summer for sure. Mainbord suppliers already have bios updates for them,... 

Regarding if it's worth it, it depends on your budget, I think 2600 / X models will drop a bit and the new models will be full price. So probably a difference of 70 dollars,... 

With the 2600X you can play anything maxed out for years, I have the same CPU. 


i will buy componen 1 mont at time gigabyte b450 aorus pro  nzxt e650 power with x72 kraken 16gb ram hyperx predator samsung 970 evo 500GB and if its relese on time ryzen 5 3600x 


Oh yes, if you buy the processor last it will surely be released. it's month 3 now so in 4 months the processor is on the market for sure I assume.


AMD hasn't given a firm release date, only "middle of 2019". Most widely circulated rumor is 7/7/19 on store shelves either alongside or a month before Navi, with a launch at Computex on May 28th, but a lot of it will depend on TSMC's 7nm fab ability. The latest leak comes from Bizgram, an Asian website listing prices in Singaporean dollars (1 USD = 1.35 SGD). Take it with a grain of salt of course. Granted Zen 2 is supposed to bring a large increase in performance, parity or even greater performance than Intel while ramping up the core counts drastically, the actual prices, as well as actual availability given the number of 7nm customers TSMC has to fab for as well as the fact AMD has two 7nm products, Zen 2 and Navi, are still to be determined.