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Adept III
Adept III

Re: WHEA Logger Event ID 18

I think this is something we all agree on.

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Adept II
Adept II

Re: WHEA Logger Event ID 18

I have been having problems with my PC build since last year, and I created my own post here: 5700 XT causing PC to restart or blue screen 

However, a few weeks ago I borrowed a friends Nvidia 1650 and all the problems went away.  Based on this I had my GPU replaced by my PC vendor - from a reference MSI 5700XT to a Powercolor Red Dragon 5700XT.  However my problems persisted.  I was then advised to install the windows 2004 update and since then I have had a couple of these WHEA Logger Event ID 18 errors.

Kind of at the end of my tether on what I should do about this, and by the looks of this thread and my own experience it looks like the only solution that works is to get an Nvidia card instead.  This seems fairly drastic but honestly not sure what else to try.

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Re: WHEA Logger Event ID 18

maybe your PC vendor will let you swap teams. 

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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Re: WHEA Logger Event ID 18

I'm having a VERY similar issue with my new ryzen build. I am not happy with this. Coming from intel, this has been a headache trying to troubleshoot. I don't get BSOD. I get random reboots, straight to black screen and fans rev up. Other times, my system will stall/freeze while watching youtube videos. The video playback will go from smooth to choppy, and I cannot close apps, open new apps, or shut my computer down from the start menu.    This is my current hardware setup. I've upgraded to the most current BIOS version 2607. Latest chipset drivers/lan/audio all the drivers are updated including my GPU. I've tried disabling DOCP profile for memory in BIOS. I've enabled DOCP. Ran windows memory diagnostic a few times. RAM passed on standard version of tests, but froze on extended version of test every time. Tested RAM together and separately. Moved onto memtest86 and my RAM passed. Then I used HCI memtest and RAM passed there as well.  Ran uniengine heaven benchmark for my GPU. Everything passed with no crashes. I ran prime95 blended several times, each time for over an hour. Passed no issues.

My temperatures for all my hardware are fine. Not close to thermal throttling at all. Air cooled system, good case with airflow.

The only things I haven't done are reinstall windows and check my PSU.

When I go to event viewer, I get the Error>Source:WHEA-Logger>Event ID: 18 






[ Name]Microsoft-Windows-WHEA-Logger
[ Guid]{c26c4f3c-3f66-4e99-8f8a-39405cfed220}
[ SystemTime]2020-09-26T23:44:29.0870496Z
[ ActivityID]{4e25f749-bc49-47e6-bb47-2ce082c309ff}
[ ProcessID]4704
[ ThreadID]5224
[ UserID]S-1-5-19
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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Re: WHEA Logger Event ID 18

Got my problem fixed - seems to be VCore / CPU-Load related

The cause of the WHEA-Logger Problem could be a lot of things when reading multiple threads.

I've also got the instant random black screen since a year now where a restart occurred within a day.

Mostly the restart occurred when the CPU is near Idle when the CPU load is between 10-20% which means 1-3 cores are involved in doing stuff.

But because everything was working ok and changing parts was a hassle for me I just stuck with this problem until now.

At last I got mine fixed and I hope maybe somebody else could fix it with this solution.

My current setup is:

CPU: AMD 3900x

GPU: Vega Frontier

Ram: G.Skill F4-3200C14-16GVK (3200MHz CL14 - 64GB)

Mainboard: X570 AORUS XTREME

PSU: Be quiet dark power pro 1200W


I've changed PSU, Ram, GPU, checked if the cooler was properly mounted.

Yes, I didnt change mainboard or CPU cause I could not track down the cause of which part is failing.


With a clean install and everything up-to-date I did a torture test for the CPU, Ram and GPU. And while doing the torture test for at least 8 hours the PC did not randomly black screen, everything was functioning properly. I've even checked If it was a driver problem by analyzing the minidump after the crash (which was described here in the thread).


I've installed the most recent BIOS, cleared CMOS, set all settings to factory default. This did not help.

I've disabled PBO or other related overclocking features. This didnt help either.

Solution in BIOS:

After one ******* year I was tired getting the forced restart every single day and tried more things out on the BIOS. At the end I found a solution for myself (Beware, I'm no expert in Overclocking/Undervolting and if you want to try it out you alone are responsible for its outcome!):

1. Changing the Vcore's Load Line Calibration from Auto --> Medium

2. Setting the VCore from Auto --> Normal

3. Undervolting via relative VCore from Auto --> -0,8125V


My PC works flawlessly since one week without any black screen restart bulls*it.

I suspect that some VCore settings from the mainboard are not properly set or maybe my CPU is to sensitive in what my mainboard assumes to be a good VCore at a specific load.


Re: WHEA Logger Event ID 18

Yesterday I changed the motherboard and cpu, the memory was replaced a month ago, I still get WHEA Logger Event ID 18, I have no doubt that the error is due to the RX 5700.

Esteemed Contributor III

Re: WHEA Logger Event ID 18

Assuming your memory is on the QVL list from Asus for your board? If not that could be your whole problem. The fact that your memory fails any memory check is suspect.

Have you talked with Asus support at all about your issue? If your memory is not the problem then your board or processor is. Asus should be able to help you determine which is more likely. I am sure ASUS would be happy to help you and RMA your board if need be. I know AMD will do the same with your processor.

I have the same processor and SSD as you. I have a 2070 super with mine. I do have an MSI B450 board. In fact I have 3 of these boards and 3 ryzen processors. No issues like yours with any. So I can tell you that the issues you have are not normal with Ryzen. So I would talk to the support department at Asus and go from there. 

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Re: WHEA Logger Event ID 18

Its your personal case, but in my case the error goes away when using a different gpu or using an old driver. 

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Adept I
Adept I

Re: WHEA Logger Event ID 18

Hey all,

I realize I'm replying to an old topic but this problem has been happening to my pc since I built it in March of this year and it's driving me absolutely crazy. It reboots out of the blue mostly in the somewhat 'higher load' games like CoD / Metro Exodus / Horizon New Dawn.  It doesn't matter if I run the games on 1080 or 1440p the reboots will happen eventually. Sometimes very frequently (4-5 in an hour) sometimes I can play for a couple of hours before it happens. 

I replaced the PSU recently as I thought that was the main issue, I upgraded the 550w to a 750w due to the recommended power supply for my GPU which I missed / didn't research properly enough when I bought it. Here's my full specs: 

-Motherboard: MSI B450 Tomahawk Max
-GPU: Powercolor 5700xt Red Dragon
-CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
-PSU: Corsair RM750 Gold
-RAM: G.Skill Aegis F4-3000 16GB 
-CPU Cooler: CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Black Edition
-SSD: Samsung 860 EVO 500GB
-HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB 

Here's some of the stuff I've already tried or done already:

-BIOS updated to 7C02v37 (latest version of MSI website for the b450 max) / chipset and sata drivers installed
-GPU drivers updated to 20.11.1
-Replaced / reconnect all components in their respective slots and cables, including cleaning and reapplying thermal paste to the CPU heatsink
-Tried the other PCIE slot for the GPU
-Tried various power outlets on the wall
-Replaced PSU and DP cables
-Tried all the different programs ranging from Balanced/High performance/AMD optimized
-Tried running PBO / XMP both on/off 
-Did various testing with Cinebench/Heaven/3dMark all of which can run several times without problems. Heaven ran for at least 30 minutes last week without issues. 
-Ran the Memtest86, no issues found on either stick
-Underclocked the GPU 

Since two weeks the WHEA logger event ID 18 has been added with the crashes. Before that it would only be Kernel power event ID 41 (63) with 6008 (before that is since the pc was built in March). As the WHEA Logger was added I found this thread hence my try here for a post. I did read ofcourse that some people had the issue resolved by changing out the 5700XT, and if that's really the only solution then I'm afraid I'll have to do that as well but perhaps anyone sees anything in these WHEA logs that I could try or has any other tips/solutions? 

Here is the latest log from today, if more are needed let me know. 

Any help is highly appreciated! 


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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Re: WHEA Logger Event ID 18

I know I am very late to this thread, but the same thing happened to me and what fixed it for me was upping RAM voltage. The stock 1.35v was not enough at XMP/DOCP. I upped it to 1.4v and it ran flawlessly after that. 



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