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Journeyman III

WHEA-Logger AMD Northbridge error ID 20 & BugCheck WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR issue

I'm led to believe this is an AMD processor issue, but of course I could be wrong.

Ever since 12/18/2017, my computer has been rebooting every 3-4 days since then for no rhyme or reason at all. I got this PC on 12/1/2017. I don't think I installed anything that would cause a conflict this severe to make it reboot in this manner. Each date this reboot occurs and gets logged in EventViewer, each date has a different BugCheck number string following it. I can post them if needed. Also, all errors seem to have the same Analysis result in the form of "WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR (124)" in the crash dump files. I also get a WHEA-Logger error in EventViewer with an identical timestamp with that as well regarding the AMD Northbridge. It is a Machine Check Exception, error type 11 ID 20. I did not install any new hardware. I find it hard to believe that a faulty hardware was causing this since this PC is new (unless something really is defective of course). I already updated my AMD video card's driver to 17.12.1. I already did a system file checker and anti-virus scan and nothing suspect came up.

My processor is an AMD A12-9700P Radeon R7

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