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Re: Whea event 18 LKD_0x124_0_AuthenticAMD_PROCESSOR__UNKNOWN_IMAGE_AuthenticAMD.sys

This is the advice from a experience Users at Microsoft Forums concerning error 0x124:

Thread from 2015:

Screenshot 2021-07-14 172859.png

From Thread 01/2021:

Screenshot 2021-07-14 172859.png

Both threads mentioned it could be caused by an Anti-Virus program or possibly in rare cases a Driver like the GPU driver.


Journeyman III

Re: Whea event 18 LKD_0x124_0_AuthenticAMD_PROCESSOR__UNKNOWN_IMAGE_AuthenticAMD.sys

Hi all, I just want to give my finding here. I had this issue for a straight month on brand new hardware. I finally have it resolved (been a week so far since the change and no issues). I HIGHLY recommend using the chipset drivers from your mobo manufacturer than getting it from AMD.  I was initially using the drivers detected from the "Auto-Detect and Install Updates for Radeon Graphics and Ryzen Chipset Drivers for Windows" and everything was installed and seemed to be working. I installed the chipset from the manufacturer (in my case Gigabyte) and noticed my CPU temps were down 10ish degrees and doesn't seem to go over 41C when in games now (even in a 80F room) when it was normally 45-65 on the other drivers.

I didn't think about doing it this way (feels silly), as I never had to do this on my Intel machines, as they just worked. So hopefully that helps anyone with this issue. As I am crash/reboot free for 7 days now.