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Journeyman III

What should I set my Vcore Voltage to?

I've noticed an increase in my temperature for my CPU lately, that differs from it's normal behavior. I have an AMD FX-8350 8-core. I read online that one way you might help reduce temps is to lower the Vcore voltage. I took a picture of my BIOS showing the Vcore voltage and the temperature my computer has been hanging at. Does anyone have any specific recommendations? Is this actually a concern? 


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If your temperature just increased, then that's a sign you need to clean your heatsink and fans, and/or you have a program running in the background.


The Maximum Operating temperature is 61C as per AMD:

That means that the processor starts to throttle to keep the temperature at or below 61C. If it can't and it starts overheating to the point where it will shut down.

I had a slightly stronger stock CPU Cooler (about 8 y/o) on my FX-8350. It was working fine for a couple of years with my new FX-8350 processor and then when backing up my Windows system it started to shut down.

Turned out the CPU Cooler was not cooling efficiently any more. I cleaned the fins and fan and reapply Thermal paste which help a little but still kept overheating.

So I replaced the defective CPU Cooler with a CoolerMaster Hyper-212 EVO CPU Cooler. Never goes above 60C anymore. No matter how much load or stress the CPU has on it.