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Adept I

What is a normal idle power for 3900X (redux)?

I mean "CPU Package Power" as seen in HWInfo, on a quiet Windows 10 desktop with overall CPU average usage at about 2% or less.

I'm seeing ~32W.  My BIOS has XMP and PBO enabled, and LLC = 8 (off); otherwise stock settings.

==> I just want to know what power value other 3900X owners are seeing, who are running at or close to stock.  No analysis or discussion needed... that's been done already.


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Big Boss

Re: What is a normal idle power for 3900X (redux)?

It is hard to measure the CPU alone. My PSU can monitor overall power and my box with a video card at idle uses maybe 100W but when gaming it jumps up to 300W quickly.

AMD cool'n'quiet used to be able to lower CPU power a lot, but I am not sure if it is used anymore as opposed to different power savings ideas.

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