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Adept I

What does clock speed vary so much when PBO is enabled?

I've been running PBO with motherboard limits and +200mhz on my 5600x and I noticed when looking at coretemp that the clock speed jumps up and down every second it seems between a bunch of different clock speeds. When in game, it will go from 3700 to 4850 to 4700 to 4850 to 4500 etc. Is it actually jumping around like this as load or did I setup rivatuner monitoring wrong. Right now I have it set to CPU clock speed instead of one of the cpu cores individually.

I tried manually overclocking the 5600x first to 4700mhz but I keep getting weird things happening in game where randomly my character starts moving slowly (floaty) and when I jump in game it's like he floats back down again. Strange stuff. In CoD Cold War there is this frame stuttering thing that happens where its like the frames jump ahead at random times too. It will run perfectly fine for an hour and then if I leave the game and come back later, the frame thing happens.

So I turned PBO back on and I haven't gotten this problem yet but wanted to make sure I'm getting consistent performance since the clock speed looks like it jumps around.

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Adept I


The CPU adjusts clock speed way faster than any software monitoring tool can show, and it does so based on demand.  That's with or without PBO enabled.  It's behaving properly.