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What difference between DOCP and set same settings manually? ASUS X470F M/B

What difference between DOCP and set same settings manually? ASUS X470F M/B

I had DOCP but had issues with Cyperpunk crashing when RT is on.
I set timing manually same as DOCP, reduced speed from 3200 to 3000, same voltage as docp.
No more crashing.

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setting the Ram to 3000 instead of 3200 is not the "same settings".

your Ram probably just doesn't like 3200 speeds as you didn't mention what Ram modules you have.


I have used Asus Motherboards for the past few years.

One thing I found out is that Asus DOCP doesn't work very well. Asus DOCP is Asus version of using XMP in BIOS to overclock but works slightly differently.

My current X570 Motherboard I manually overclocked my RAM using BIOS to set the speed from its SPD speed to its native speed of 3600Mhz without issue.

But then I saw DOCP in BIOS and decided to use that instead of manual Overclocking. Computer wouldn't boot up and changed my BIOS settings automatically on my RAM from DOCP to SPD speed.

Disabled DOCP in BIOS and again manually overclocked the RAM speed to 3600Mhz with FCLK set at 1800Mhz. No issues anymore. Once I changed the settings in BIOS, BIOS did the rest of setting the proper RAM settings for the new 3600Mhz speed.

Found out after I updated my BIOS to a newer Non-BETA version I couldn't find DOCP anymore. Looks like Asus got rid of DOCP since doing it manually is just changing one or two BIOS settings.

But in your case you need to check your motherboard's QVL List for RAM for your processor and see what settings are compatible for your specific RAM part number and motherboard.


Running the latest non beta bios on my Crosshair X570 Dark hero and DOCP works fine with my Corsair 3600 Ram.

on my Back up system with the X470 Crosshair VII same,DOCP worked great with the 3200 that's in it.


Maybe its the RAM you have. But I have used DOCP on two motherboards and each time I have had issues.

I do know that my latest Asus BIOS version I couldn't find DOCP any more whereas in my older BIOS version it was there to enable or disable.  Possibly I missed it when I was looking for it but I did check every BIOS setting in the new version.

What I did find in both BIOS versions was changing the speed manually including FCLK speed.  In fact I don't believe I need to really change the FCLK speed once I changed the RAM speed from its SPD Speed to 3600Mhz. I believe BIOS does the rest automatically. Maybe changing the RAM Speed manually in the drop down menu is the same as using DOCP.

I guess it depends on the motherboard and RAM. I am using 32GB of G-Skill 3600Mhz Trident Neo 2x16 RAM kit. But I have read many Asus users complain about DOCP issues in the past.

In fact googling DOCP seems like many users with Ryzen 5000 series processors major issues where the computer wouldn't boot up with DOCP enabled as an example only. 

Both of our Motherboards was released to the public around the same time.

Nice Asus ROG Crosshair Dark X570 Hero motherboard by the way.