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Journeyman III

What AMD processor can I use to install latest Windows 10 updates?

I have an old motheboard ASUS M4A785G-HTPC with integrated video card ATI radeon HD 4200 and a processor AMD Athlon II X2 250 and I can't update Windows 10 since 1809 and 1903 versions (the installed version is 1803). I have read somewhere that It would exist an incompatibility for last Windows 10 updates with some old AMD processors and the AMD "patch" that I have found refuse to install in my PC.
So I'm ready to change my processor but can you tell me with what AMD processor compatible with the motherboard (I have the list) I shall can install Windows 10 1903 without problem?

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Adept III

The highest supported CPU is Athlon X2 6000+ the 89W version

If you have less than 8GB ram install the 32 bit version of Windows!


Which method did you try in upgrading your Windows to the latest version?  Clean Install or Ingrade Upgrade?

Your Processor should be compatible with the latest Windows version.

Here is Microsoft website showing what Processors are supported by which Windows version: Windows Processor Requirements | Microsoft Docs 

I noticed that your motherboard download page has no Windows 10 drivers. The last BIOS update is from 2010. If you were able to install Windows version 1803 then it means you have Windows 10 compatible drivers that works in Windows 10

According to your Motherboard Specs, Your motherboard is compatible with Windows 7 OS:

Try installing the latest version of Windows 10 via Ingrade Upgrade. This is running the Windows 10 Installation setup while on the Windows Desktop. That way if you have any legacy programs it will be included in the new version.

If you tried doing a Clean Windows 10 installation or an Ingrade Upgrade installation, what error did you get?

Journeyman III

Hi, thank you for your answer and for telling me that, normally, the installation was possible. I ended up installing Windows 10 1903 without BSOD after uninstalling my antivirus (before, I just disabled it) but, at each startup, there was a second BSOD that was probably due to a driver or service problem that occurred at startup. After removing one by one unnecessary startup items, my PC has booted and now everything seems to be OK with version 1903 (no incompatibility because of the processor).
Thanks again.