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Journeyman III

Weird behavior 5600x

The CPU out of the box ramps up to 4650MHz at 1.4+V while gaming.

I am very afraid of 1.4+V so I created another custom profile for gaming 4475MHz @1.25V, literally 1-2FPS less for a lot lower voltage and of course a lot lower temperature.

I also created a custom profile 2825MHz @0.975V that I use for non gaming situations, like when I am just playing music or browsing the internet to have less heat and less voltage. I should mention that in Ryzen Master I only set 2825MHz to 2 cores with stars, and the other 4 cores were dropped down to 600MHz.

One time I forgot to turn that weaker profile off while gaming and I had at that moment 83FPS. When I turned off that profile and switched from 2825MHz to 4475MHz - I got only 73FPS.
After that I tried to use stock out of the box profile 4650MHz @1.4V+ but I still got only 73FPS.

Can anyone explain how this heavy handicap of close to 2GHz boosted gaming performance? It doesn't make any sense.

Later I fooled around and discovered that I get max gaming performance by turning down star cores to 600MHz (though HWInfo shows 2960MHZ on these) and setting the other 4 cores to 3700MHz @1.15V.

What is going on? How can I lose performance by using regular high clocks, it just doesn't feel right. Temps are fine bouncing between 50C to 60C while gaming so I don't think it is throttling.

Win10 on SATA SSD, games on NVMe, RTX 3080, R5 5600X, B450, ask anything needed, I'll provide info if you got any idea what's happening in my case.

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