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Warranty Request Form is missing my state.

I have a new MSI X470 Motherboard and I a Ryzen 5 3600. I'm upgrading from another motherboard and an Intel CPU, so I don't have a previous generation AMD CPU to use to update bios in order to use the Ryzen 5 3600. I tried to apply for a boot kit using the Warranty Request Form as suggested, filled in everything, and then I saw that my state (Surat Thani, Thailand) is not in the list to choose from. What am I supposed to do now? Does this mean AMD will not ship to this state? Why?
Thanks in advance for any help.

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You do qualify for the AMD Boot Kit. But your particular State (Surat Thani) in Thailand is not listed as you mentioned.

Here are all the options you have to upgrade your MSI Motherboard to the correct BIOS version to support your Ryzen 3xxx Processor. From AMD BOOT KIT Website: Unable to Boot New Desktop System Configured with AMD 3rd Generation Ryzen™ Desktop Processor, and A... 

 From above link Workarounds to get your BIOS updated:

See if you can still submit a AMD Warranty Request without a city or state being mentioned. If it gives you an error, than open an Online AMD Service Request and see what they suggest or show you how to contact AMD Warranty to get your Boot kit if none of the above Workarounds is feasible.

Open an AMD Service Request from here: Online Service Request | AMD 

Note: as a last resort, you can list an address in a city and state next to your state in Thailand that is listed to have the Boot Kit shipped to and from.  I see that Kabri is listed and is south of your state.  If you know someone in Kabri that you can list their address to have AMD ship the Boot Kit too. Then you can travel to Kabri and pick it up and return it from there.

But best to see what AMD Customer Care suggests when you contact them at Online Service Request - AMD.