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Warranty Fraud!!

So I have a Thread ripper (not my first TR system) We do alot of rendering so its perfect, in any case, had an issue with it after LOVING it (Hands down best CPU for what we do) started to smoke and smell, Thank God the board and everything else is fine as we tried the other TR in there and boom perfect. no question its the CPU, its under warranty as sadly we have not had it very long....


Go to do a warranty swap, they ask for the invoice, fair enough........ I get an email back saying the invoice was "Altered" is this the new age way of warranty fraud??? that invoice is NOT what so ever altered in ANY way shape or form but they are sticking to their guns!!!


I have been Loyal to AMD for years but if this is not made right I wont be, I reported it to the BBB waiting on a resolution as well, next steps are CFPB, Consumer affairs and even YouTube reviewers.


Any suggestions from the community? 

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Playing Devil's Advocate here.

I presumed you opened a AMD WARRANTY Ticket correct?

Since AMD accused you of submitting a "Altered" invoice did they by any chance explained which part was altered in the invoice?

Which Retailer was the invoice from?  If so can't you have the Retailer send or fax AMD the same invoice for them to compare or verify that you invoice wasn't altered?

Maybe the Retailer inputted the wrong date on the invoice or some other data.

Maybe the invoice date doesn't match the Serial Number of when the CPU was purchased from the Retailer.

Try sending a Hard Copy via slow snail of your Invoice and a copy of the Retailer's own invoice to AMD Warranty to compare with the one they received in your email.

Ask AMD to escalate the issue to a higher up in the department.

NOTE: By the way, if you had made any corrections on the invoice that would have automatically disqualified your invoice.


/they did not say what they claim was altered, Date is correct its the say I purchased it, Got it on Amazon as BB did not have the ripper. 


Contact Amazon Customer Service and explain to them what happened. Maybe they can send to AMD their copy of your invoice from Amazon.


Spoke to a supervisor for prime members they said they can not send invoice but they have no idea why AMD is saying anything is "Altered"


SOOO AMD tell this whole community what is "Altered" show us  because at this point I think you are lying because its an expensive item to replace 

Lets not be shy here AMD!!! tell the public whats "altered"  


who wants to bet this post gets deleted soon? 


Decided to delete my reply since this is an issue between AMD and you. 

This forum doesn't have any say in you dispute with AMD.


not SAY but the world should know! 

Big Boss

nayelyisbeautiful, this is a user Forum and seldom do we see an AMD employee here. If it were me I would calm down my vitriol and send an e-mail to the AMD chief (Lisa Su) and include the image of the invoice. I have e-mailed  several AMD chiefs always getting great results. Enjoy, John.


I actually JUST did exactly that!!!  Thank you  (for some reason I Cant like your post and im trying too)


Lets start from the beginning, where did you buy your CPU from?

Community Manager

Please can you send me a PM so I can look futher into this for you? Please include your RMA/Ticket number and all relevant information in your message. 

Angel:  Amazon


Matt sent you a PM

Also sent the CEO this email



Very long long long long time AMD customer having first issue ever with your company.
I have a Thread Ripper (best CPU on the planet by the way) and had an issue with it, started to smoke and smell, I pulled it from the rig and tested it in another rig, nothing, tried a different Ripper in the rig that it happened on and it worked fine, so its the CPU which was under warranty so I contacted and I been getting the run round since that day, saying my invoice did not pass verification etc.
I feel (and I hate to say this because I am team red all the way) this is an attempt at warranty fraud.  no way an Amazon Invoice does not "pass" they are the largest retailer on the planet.
Please help!!