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Adept III

Warranty and third party cooling solution

I just purchased and installed a 3600x w/ the included heatsink. Id like to upgrade the heatsink to something to cool the processor a bit better but i dont want the warranty voided in doing so.

The warranty included states that i have to use AMD endorsed third party cooling solutions, but when i try to go to the link it provides to see what those are, there is nothing to be found.

The link it gives me is

It then says: USE OF ANY OTHER HEATSINK/FAN will void the warranty.

I need actual information about which cooling solutions i can use. 

Does anyone have an actual link with actual information?

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I know of no list of acceptable coolers from AMD. Any reputable aftermarket cooler that exceeds the wattage claim should not void warranty. I use a Cooler Master 212 Evo. It is rated up to 125 watts. My 3600 is 65 watts and that cooler keeps it very cool. AMD however in their warranty gets to decide at their discretion if they think the cooler contributed to failure or not. 

They can't tell what cooler you used. So if you ever have to RMA it just tell them you used the stock cooler. 

This is what AMD had to say to Tom's Hardware in 2018 about 3rd party coolers and voiding the warranty:

"Is the warranty for my AMD Processor-in-a-Box (PIB) still valid if I use a different heatsink/fan (HSF) other than the one provided in the PIB?"Yes, provided that the selected HSF, when properly installed and used, supports operation of the AMD processor in conformance with AMD’s publicly available specifications. Use of HSF solutions determined by AMD as incapable of such performance or which are determined to have contributed to the failure of the processor shall invalidate the warranty."