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Journeyman III

Want to upgrade processor

I currently have a A10 7870 Processor. Would like to buy a new one (upgrade) that will be best for graphic programs such as adobe after effects, 3DS MAX etc. Was thinking an i7 from intel but what do you guy's recommend from AMD?

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The A10-7870 processor uses the FM2+ socket. But, upgrading a processor is dependent on motherboard and BIOS compatibility.  See the QVL list for your motherboard on the manufacturers website. 

You can gain even greater performance by upgrading to the new Ryzen 2xxx series processor, but that also requires building a new system using the new AM4 socket motherboard and DDR4 RAM.

Here is the link to the system requirements for Adobe After Affects. After Effects System Requirements

According to the Adobe web site the newest After Affects program requires an Intel processor.


after effects is the stumbling block here. as of the 2015 version when they went with full on gpu support mostly benefiting from NVIDIA cards but now with AMD support to they basically crippled how the program scales with more cpus. So basically it really depends on the scale of your work. Realize the your have to go to a threadripper or a very high end intel chip to address more than 64 gb of ram, yet affter effects still won't really take advantage of all your cpus, it really is crappy ADOBE did this. This article here is one I think you should read: