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Adept III

Viable replacements for Wraith Stealth stock cooler

Hello all, I got a Ryzen 5 3600 not soo long ago, which was an awesome upgrade for my old (but very loyal) i5 3570. With the Ryzen, I had and still have most if not all the issues already known about idle vcore voltage, temps and boost frecuencies.

Things is, Im not looking to overclock it, basically on Zen 2 is a waste of time, since PB and PBO does the job well if theres enough temp and power headroom. So I been reading and watching lots of reviews about aftermarket air coolers and I came to the conclusion that either Hyper 212 Black (which does come with AM4 bracket included in the box) or  Deep Cool Gammax 400 are basically the best average budget/performance options. Both are probably more than what my CPU need. Where I live I don't have access to many options, but I found another cooler which caught my attention, because of size and price: Cooler Master Hyper 410R (

- Will this Hyper 410R be better than stock Wraith Stealth?

- Does anyone have it installed, how does it perform ?

- Any thoughts about the 3 coolers ?

Thanks for any input!

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If you are planning on Overclocking your processor, I would suggest to get a liquid cooled CPU Cooler instead if it is within your budget. Even if your Ryzen 5 3600 has a TDP of 65 Watts. Its maximum operating Temperature is 95C. After that or possibly before reaching 95C it will start to throttle to maintain 95C or below temperatures.

Here are AMD's Recommended CPU Coolers for the Ryzen Threadrippers with TDPs of 180 & 250 Watts. But these you can use on your Non-ThreadRipper processor. Thermal Solutions for Ryzen™ Threadripper™ Processors | AMD 

If interested in Cooler Master CPU Coolers. Here is a Chart that shows all their CPU Coolers and TDP Wattage they support and what type of socket it will install in: 


What cooler height will your case accept? Thats the first thing to consider when purchasign a cpu cooler..  Honestly if you can get the Wraith Spire that comes with the 3700x or 3800x, I know my 3800x had a cooler that would work fantastic on a 3600/3600x..


 Also something to look out for, the number of heatpipes the cooler has, more is better....  Dark Rock and Noctua make some of the best coolers,

The Scythe Mugen 5  is a good choice, if it will fit in your case... Dont cheap out on a cpu cooler..

Adept III

Thank you both for your inputs, but as I wrote:

1. Sadly, I can't get any cooler here, only brands I could get are the ones I wrote on my original post, and ID-Cooling (which I never heard of, but it seem to be on that Threadripper chart). Amazon, Newegg, Ebay, and the likes are no options where I live.

2. No, I don't want to overclock, I just want to be able to leave PB enable in BIOS and not get the temps you see on  Cinebench MultiCore (image below).

3. Probably, If I could choose any cooler in the world, I would go for bequiet Dark Rock Slim, which will look awesome on my case and it will perform great (

4. As for my cooler height, according to the website of my case -cougar turret-, its 160mm max. (Image also below).

5. Im not looking to cheap out, I just want something better than the Wraith Stealth. I know that both, Hyper 212 and Gammax 400, will be way better, but they are also gona be really close to the max height my case can handle, while the hyper 410R will have spare space (thats the main reason Im asking about it, price is important but I can make an effort and get the other ones).

6. Im not sure Scythe Mugen 5 cooler is compatible with AM4 socket ? (Is not available in my country anyways)

I hope this clarifications help. Thanks !


Well, enabling Precision Boost is considered to be Overclocking but in a safe way.

I am using a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO (quite large) but very effective for my 125 watt FX8350 Processor. It cost me around $35.00 US Dollars.

Just need to be sure the CPU Cooler you do decide to purchase supports Processor's TDP wattage of at least 100 Watts, as a safe upper limit, to make sure it will keep your Ryzen under PBO within Maximum Operating Temperature.

Thanks, and yeah I know PB is kinda overclocking as Turboboost on Intel.

And yes, the Hyper 410R does have a 100watts ratting according to Cooler Master chart: 


Look for an AMD Wraith Max or Wraith Prism..  It will work great on a 3600/3600x.

Yesterday I finally went and bought a DeepCool Gammaxx GTE (GAMMAXX GTE DEEPCOOL- CPU Air Coolers ). I didn't care about RGB, but I choosed it for the mounting system which I believe is better than Gammaxx 400 (should perform similar to gammaxx 400 or hyper 212).

As for Temps, with PB enable and after 30 mins of consecutive Cinbench R20 runs (you can do this by setting for how many seconds you wana run it on the menu) I got 72,8º c which is 14.7º c less than the 10 min run I tried a few days ago with the stock cooler. Also boost frecuency was higher and the benchmark shows a higher result too 3657cb.

Prime95, after 37 mins (option number 1 small FTT v298) I got 79.8º c, I believe it was over 93º after 5 mins last time I tried.

What I didn't like was game temps, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, with everything maxed out and vsync off, I got a max temp of 70º c after a ~20 mins run. Before it was 78.4º, but this could be higher cause of my graphic card trying to keep the pace? (EVGA RTX 2070 Black Edition). I tried SOTR same settings but wih PB disable and temps were max 53.8ºc (this looks fine).

Cooler seems to be installed the right way, I just can't believe that with PB enable temps are still this high with this huge cooler. I don't think Ryzen 5 3600 and the stock cooler are made to have such a higher all core boost frecuency/volatge, I think something around 3900MHz with as much as 1.275v would have been more reasonable.


53c looks about right as my temps are also around that mark when playing Rise of The Tomb Raider, not really sure if temps with SOTR are the same as i dont have that game yet. only difference is i have PB enabled with PBO set to Auto.

Also probably doesnt help that the exhausted hot air from your GPU is being sucked into the tower cooler when both are under load, this is the one case were using AIOs does help, as you can set the Radiator at your intake to maximise CPU cooling.

You could try adding another 120mm fan in the back of the Gammax GTE in a pull config (3m Double sided tape the sucker in there or use zip ties) for testing purposes, Basically turning it into a GAMMAXX Hyper 212 Turbo lol. on my Hyper 212 Turbo, removing the back 120mm fan thats in pull config only increased the temps by about 3-5c depending on what type of fan i test on it, so it should help a bit in your case though may not be worth the hassle without proper Fan mounting like the 212 turbo has.


Hyper 212 Blacks is ok I guess, though if you can find one, go for the Hyper 212 LED Turbo (uses AM3+ clip which works just fine on AM4) which is slightly cheaper if budget is tight as it comes with two 120MMS fans in a push pull config, I have that in I've used it on my R7 1700 and it was an ok cooler for its price if you don't plan to OC.

As for AIOs, I've tried most of the 240 ones from ID-Cooling and the pump and Rad that they use are mostly the same as well, only difference is the RGB ones are priced slightly higher but otherwise perform the same but if you had to choose, go for the 280s if they are available as they cool a bit better due to the increased Radiator size while not really increasing the price much, and don't even bother with the 120mm AIOs, the Hyper 212 could perform just as good as those ones.

The only other 240 AIO that's in the same price range as ID-Coolings lineup is the Gammax L240 (Rated for 250w), I also own that one and I actually used it on my R9 3900x before changing up to a 360. The L240 is the cheapest 240 AIO from Gammax but the pump is way better than what ID-Cooling uses since the pump the L240 uses has a higher flow rate (ID Cooling pumps ran at about 2100rpm while the L240 is at 2550rpm) lifespan of the pump is also higher on the L240 (rated 70,000 hours compared to just 30,000 on most ID-Cooling models on the same price range)

Thanks! I just replied! up there


Tried the wraith prism that came with my 3900x and to be honest, it didn't perform any better than my old Hyper 212 Led Turbo. The good thing about the prism though is that your VRM temps will be better compared to any Tower Cooler like the Hyper 212 or any AIOs for that matter since its blowing air down towards the Board and into the sides of your VRM heatsink which i guess is what they were designed for.

Only other downside to buying a used prism cooler is the price, I've seen some selling them for the same price as a new Hyper 212 Evo which is a bit much, would be great if you can find one being sold cheaper though.


Yeah, I know, Ive tried getting a Prism, but on my country was imposible. and the price to get it using amazong, newegg or the likes was way igher than just buying a decent tower cooling.

Adept III


The Gammaxx GTE came with extra clips to add another fan, so no problem with that, and I have a PWM 1500 rpm 70ish CFM cougar fan which should do the work just fine.

I knew temps while gaming will not go down as much as on the other benchmark I mention (Ive also noticed CPU frecuency went up too, probably for the better temp headroom).

As for the VRM, after Installed the Tower Cooler, Ive never seen the temps go higher than 47º~49º c no matter what I was doing with the PC. I think thats pretty good, I believe anything below 65 on the VRM is pretty good.

I will do more tests soon as I have some free time, maybe next step will be using an AIO atleast a 280mm one.

I will also see to change my case fan setup (2 intake * 1 in the back) maybe add one in top of the tower cooler and see what happends.

Thanks to everyone!!!


For fan setup there really is only 2 you could choose from, either go windtunnel or chimney setup. 

Windtunnel setup is with with air coming in from then out the back in as strait a line as possible and its this setup that's most prefered by those that use tower type coolers as it directly pushes cooler air from the case intake fans towards the intake fans of the tower cooler.

Chimney is with the exhaust fans placed on the top (the idea behind it is that hot air naturally rises) and is my preferred setup when using AIOs.

You should try to get neutral pressure or close to it if you can since getting positive pressure just right is just a pain to do.

for example I found out while testing that if positive pressure is too much, hot air from your gpu would actually cycle a bit inside the case causing it to feed in that air towards your tower cooler, only way to remedy it is to vent it out of the case fast enough to stop or limit it from feeding hot air towards your CPU cooler, which means increasing exhaust fans speed which in turn negates all the trouble you went through trying to get positive pressure in the first place.

Close to neutral pressure is easier to do by comparison, just have to put in the same amount of fans on exhaust as you do with intake then adjust fan speeds as needed and your done. And negative pressure -as long as its not too much- really isn't that bad when it comes to cooling, the only problem with it is the dust buildup inside is higher than the other setups, which if you clean your PC regularly anyway isn't really too much of an issue.

With AIOs, and with the radiator placed at your case intake in particular, you should do a push pull setup if possible, using same fans would be best, though most of the time its ok as long as the fans behind the rad doing the pulling is the same speeds (or close to it) as the fans pushing air into the rad, even if they aren't static pressure fans (static pressure fans tend to be more expensive and are mostly just used on radiators).