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Journeyman III

VGA fan speed 100% during boot with Ryzen 3600


I have bought a GAINWARD RTX 2060 SUPER Phoenix GS. The fans of VGA board spin to 100% on boot (after turning on te PC for 5 seconds). Scary when it starts.  The old Inno3D 1060 never did in this configuration.

None of the VGA board had behaved like this before when I had Intel platform (Asus P8H67+i7-2600).

I wanted a quiet machine, but that's not it. It is a global problem not only mine many people complain about it on the Internet. reddit forum

I don't know if this is an AMD, MSI, GAINWARD problem or not, but it seems to be a Ryzen problem.

My config: MSI Tomahawk MAX, Ryzen 3600, Crucial Ballistics, BeQuiet pure power. Drivers, BIOS, Win10 are updated.

Does AMD read this? If not how can I tell them? Any solution?

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