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Journeyman III

VGA dispay problems with A8-9600 and NVMe SSD. Works fine when booting from HDD. Have tried swapping out every component and everything customer support recommended.

Running a A8-9600 APU on a  Gigabyte GA-A320MA-M.2 NVMe MB with 16gb of ram. Booting from a Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe 250 GB SSD.

VGA display blacks out for a second or two. Seems to progressively get worse. Helps by lowering screen resolution at first but then it comes back. Got to the point the computer shut down and SSD even would not show up in disk management. After time and fixing read only on SSD it started working again, but it came back. Using scroll arrows in Excel always makes it wig out. Other times there appears to be no rhyme or reason as to when it does it.

I have tried everything. Swapped out monitor, all cables, 3 different NVMe SSD's, 2 identical MB's, 2 identical A8-9600 APU's and the Ram. I have re-installed the OS, win 10 64bit, multiple times. I have done everything customer support has recommended.

Here it gets weird, when I boot from my HDD, I have no problem, only when I boot from my NVMe SSD. And only my VGA display is affected. The HDMI output to my TV does not show the blackout as it occurs on the VGA display in real time. The exact same software was loaded on both HDD and SSD.

Odds of two items being defective is very high. I think it's the GPU on the processor just doesn't' want to play nicely when running off the SSD on the VGA output.