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Journeyman III

Using both integrated graphics ports with Ryzen 5 5600G

I just purchased the ASUS TUF Gaming B550 Plus MB and installed the Ryzen 5 5600G. I installed the latest motherboard BIOS. I planned to use the integrated graphics because I heard that Windows 11 has issues with AMD and nVidia. However, I can't seem to get both the HDMI and the DisplayPort of the integrated graphics to work concurrently. It seems only one or the other port works at a time. Currently I'm still on Windows 10 20H2. I looked in BIOS for some setting that would allow both; but I'm at a loss. The only relevant BIOS setting I could find was in the NB Configuration in Advanced, but those settings didn't help. I attempted a search in the r/ASUS subreddit and Goggle; I don't see an answer. I posed this question in r/ASUS, and r/AMDHelp subreddits but no responses of any kind. Any ideas?

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Try installing your motherboard's AMD Driver for your APU and see if that makes any difference:

When you connect both Monitors what does:

1- Windows Settings - Display show? It is possible that you have only one Monitor as your Main Display monitor unless your Extend or Duplicate your second Monitor.

You might need to configure both to work similar to what I have when I have my DP Monitor and HDMI Television connected on my GPU Card.

Screenshot 2021-10-26 150056.png

Display-1 is my PC Monitor and Display-2 is my Television set. Display-3 is not a monitor but my A/V Receiver connected via  HDMI cable.

2-Device Manager - Monitor and Display show or any errors?

Under Monitor does it show 2 drivers? one for each monitor or just one? 

3- Run DXDIAG.exe and save the file and see if both Monitors are showing or any errors?