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Journeyman III

usb ports

Dear Sir/Madam,

                              How's things?,

I need your help on this one?, i have two ipads and it doesn't matter whether one is plugged in the front usb port of the processor or both are plugged in?, as i am now ending up with a continuous beeping and the Asus icon showing not plugged in or disconnected, after one or both ipads are in the usb port Infront of the processor .In my other old processor i never had this issue at all, as i had both ipads in the usb port at the front of the processor and charging as normal ,as seen by the Asus recharge icon ?,is there a way to recharge both ipads so that it shows up in iTunes ?,please help me on this one?, bye

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Doesn't sound like an AMD issue?

Probably better to ask asus support or post a query on their support forum.

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Dear Sir/Madam,

How's things?, I went back to the computer repair shop where i bought the AMD computer and explained to the owner that the monitor keeps on showing an on and off beeping Asus charging icon after inserting either one or two ipads in the processor's usb ports on the front side and can now only use only one usb port at the back of the processor, and all goes well without any continual beeps from the Asus charging icon on the monitor, other than that , I tried to run Bluestack 5 or 10 and my installed Apk's games and for some unknown reason, it doesn't work at all?, after the whole screen totally freezes up each time, and have to restart the computer all over again and had to fully uninstall Bluestack and removed all the Apk games that went with it.