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Journeyman III

USB issues Ryzen 7 5800x/B550

Hello, I assembled a system on a Ryzen 7 5800x/B550 motherboard (B550 AORUS Elite V2), gpu is RTX 3070 Aorus Master, I have had problems with usb ports failing for a long time, namely a keyboard and a hub with coolers for blowing the case (the hub is connected to the motherboard (F_USB2), keyboard into the back panel (both usb 2.0 connectors)), probably many here have also heard about this problem with the 5000 Ryzen. I tried everything that was advised to those who have similar problems (updating drivers on chipset/BIOS (now there is the latest BIOS (F13h) with AGESA), with a default BIOS, XMP on/off, XHCI\C-State\CSM on/off, pci 4.0 to 3.0) - in my case it had absolutely no effect.
A couple of days ago, I realized that the problem is only in the system in an idle state/light load (chrome, watching YouTube in it, etc.), but as soon as I start a heavy game (AC Valhalla in my case), the malfunctioning usb starts working, the keyboard stops glitching , and the illumination of the coolers starts to work as it should (for people with a similar problem, basically the opposite, as I understand it, but I may be wrong), while there are characteristic sounds of connecting a USB device.
Once i had defeated the problem, but unfortunately I did not remember the procedure for the elimination steps, I remembered only that at that time, from the last released BIOS, it was stitched on the penultimate one (at the same time I remember that I seemed to turn off the PC completely at some point) and after that the problem disappeared, everything worked as it should, but there was a need to rearrange the PC and after I turned off the power, transferred it and turned on the computer, there was again a problem with USB failures, which this time cannot be cured at all (I tried to do everything the same as that time when there problem was eliminated - no use now).
Could the problem be with the power supply? (be quiet! System Power 9 700W)
And is it worth to try another motherboard? (B550\X570

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Adept I

Gigabyte has released an i bios for my board. Mentions USB stability as a fix.


Supposingly AMD fixed the USB connectivity issue with new BIOS updates. But AMD says if you are still are having USB issues to open a AMD SERVICE REQUEST (Official AMD SUPPORT) and let them know about it from here: