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Journeyman III

Upgraded my 2600X to 3600X on X470 gaming plus - screen won't turn on



I updated my Bios to the latest Beta version (2021-02-04) 7B79vAK2(Beta version), and i can't see anything on the screen after replacing to the new 3600X.

The computer turns on, CPU fan is working and so as the RGB and everything else - but I get DRAM lights on. Ram sticks installed are Geil Super Luce 3000mhz and works fine with the 2600X CPU

The screen won't turn on like there is no GPU connected.

I replaced again to the 2600X and now it works fine.

What do I do?

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Journeyman III

Do you see anything at all on boot? Which video output are you using? 




I got nothing on the screen, it wont turn at all when i press the ON button.

Im using the regular HDMI output from the GPU (not the MB).



Can you check and see if secure boot is enabled? 


Remove all of your RAM sticks EXCEPT one and see if you get video.

Also do a CMOS CLEAR to reset the BIOS back to factory default.

I had a similar issue when I upgraded to a Ryzen 7 3700X. I had no video at all. I reset my monitor's settings to default and that work once but once I rebooted I lost video again.

But in my case I had the GPU & BOOT LED trouble LEDs lit on my Asus motherboard.

Found out I needed to put BIOS in CSM Mode (Legacy) for my monitor besides resetting my Monitor's Settings to default to get video on it.

But I also had my HD Smart TV connected to my GPU card via HDMI cable while my Monitor was connected via DP cable. For some reason I had video output on my 2k HD Smart TV and not on my 4k Monitor (using both DP and HDMI cables).

I was then able to enter BIOS and set it to CSM Mode. When I installed the BIOS it automatically set BIOS in UEFI Mode. Thus I had no video when booting up. BUT I had video as soon as Windows started. 

But since your Motherboard is showing RAM Trouble LED as being lit that indicates that your RAM may not be 100% compatible with the Ryzen Matisse processor. Thus using one RAM stick might work and you might be able to boot up and get video.


I did it all , same thing \=

Cleared CMOS before CPU installation, changed the BIOS to another, the Dram light was still on.

I replaced again the 2600X and viola the lights starts but goes fast between the DRAM / VGA / CPU and the PC runs fine.

I don't know maybe the 3600X on this MSI X470 with the Geil SuperLuce RAM does the problems (but works flawlessly with the 2600X).

I took the RAM out completely still DRAM light was on

I used 1 stick in every socket (both of them apart).

I even tried this weird method of taking the RESET SW jumper and nothing.

The BIOS was set on LEGACY+UEFI (there was also only UEFI I could only choose one of these two).

I really appreciate the help


I know this is a really old thread, but I figured I'd give the answer, as it's annoying to figure out. You need to flash update your BIOS to a newer version. The 3000 and 5000 series don't work out the box with this motherboard. So you need to download the latest driver from the manufacturer, put it on a flash drive, then go to BIOS and update it (all while your old CPU is installed). Once you install the update to your motherboard BIOS, you can then install the newer CPU and it should display.